The goal of Net•Zero Conference & Expo is to grow Canada’s economic prosperity, while working towards carbon neutrality by 2050 (net zero 2050). In order to greatly reduce carbon emissions, almost every government and industry has a role to play; and to do it without harming Canada’s economic prosperity may be the largest challenge of them all.


Net•Zero Conference & Expo is a joint initiative between Petroleum Technology Research Alliance (PTAC) and EventWorx Corporation. Together these organization, in collaboration with numerous partners, are coming together to host Net•Zero to provide a platform to showcase innovation and develop a collaborative network amongst numerous industries. By coming together, we can achieve Net Zero 2050.

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) is a Canadian hydrocarbon industry association that serves as a neutral non-profit facilitator of collaborative R&D and technology development, and operates in partnership with all industry stakeholders to transform challenges into opportunities.


PTAC is managing all aspects of the Net•Zero Conference.

EventWorx Corporation (EventWorx) is a Canadian company, launched in 2017 through the acquisition of the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show, PetroChem Canada and Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show.  In addition to operating a number of its own events, EventWorx manages conferences and trade shows for a select group of clients.


EventWorx is managing all aspects of the Net•Zero Expo.